About Voyage

Through strategic positioning Voyage Financial Group, Inc. is still on top of the game!  The industry we are all a part of is reshaping itself before our very eyes.  The Voyage Team is committed to staying in front of new trends, policies, and procedures, which allow us to maintain our competitive edge.  Due to many years of hands on participation, the managing partners of Voyage understand what it takes to be successful in this market. As top originators and managers, the owners of Voyage have made all their best resources available for your benefit. We understand that when you succeed, we succeed!

The founders and employees of Voyage Financial Group, Inc. are committed to providing a wide variety of lending products. While we specialize in residential mortgage products, we also offer commercial lending, hard money lending, construction loans, and non traditional financing.

Voyage offers, through its affiliates, FHA/VA and conventional loans in all 50 states.  In our area of business we raised the bar for competitive pricing, speed of transactions, and ethical education of our customers.

Without our customers we would not be in business therefore they are our priority. Our approach to this business is pretty simple; work hard to find our customers the best products and utilize our technological efficiencies to get it done fast.

One unique attribute of Voyage is that we will never get too big. We have all seen what happens as mortgage companies and branching companies grow. First, the layers of bureaucracy make it impossible to get fast answers and decisions made quickly. “Corporate” becomes the focus of the business and often times the company begins implementing policies and procedures that benefit the “Corporate Machine” and not the branches. Additionally, with large organizations those layers of management eat up needed resources; MONEY. Guess who pays those salaries…You!

Have you ever worked for a company that has had problems with their lenders? Many branching companies are not selective with who they allow to represent them. Their shotgun approach to branching hurts the good branches and their loan officers at the end of the day. Loans are locked and not delivered, the lender account executives get burnt out pricing deals all day and do not see loans close, FHA deals are mishandled, and worst of all loan fraud causes loan buy backs and broker cancellations. The mistakes of a few can spoil the well for the rest. We avoid this at Voyage three ways:

  1. We are very selective with who we bring on to the team. In addition to interviewing candidates, we run background checks and check references to ensure that only the best applicants are brought on.
  2. Voyage Financial Group, Inc. is committed to remaining a manageable size. We pride ourselves on having high producing branches which allow us to get improved pricing and quick turnaround times for everyone without the overhead that can hinder the success of larger companies.
  3. We closely monitor our lender relationships. We have never been terminated by a lender and we will not let that change. We have weekly conference calls with all of our major investors we are able to get feedback on our branches business operations. This ensures that all issues are addressed before they become problems that can affect everyone else. Additionally, our Fraud prevention measures ensure that only good loans get booked with Voyage Mortgage Group Inc.

Would you rather be riding on a freighter that can take everyone on but is slow to move? Or, you be on a yacht that carefully selects its passengers and can move fast to stay in front of the coming tide? You choose. If you think Voyage is the right fit for you, give us a call, or complete our short application and we will be in contact with you soon.

If you are ready for a change, please submit your basic information in our short application. After we have received your application we will contact you for a confidential interview to see if Voyage is the right fit!


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